Mikucka-Wójtowicz, Dominika: Two Dogs Fight and a Third Grabs the Bone. Reasons for the Electoral Success of Unexpected Candidates – the Croatian Political Scene after the Last Two Parliamentary Election Cycles (2015–2016)

Filipec, Ondřej: (In)efficiency of EU Common Foreign and Security Policy: Ukraine, Brexit, Trump and beyond

Unikaitė-Jakuntavičienė, Ingrida – Matulkaitė, Rita: The Ukraine Crisis Reflections in the Speeches of USA and Russian Political Leaders

Rusnáková, Soňa: Russian New Art of Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine


Gbúrová, Marcela: Slavdom in Europe, Europe in Slavdom. A Vision of The “Modernization of Slavs by Štefan Launer. (Peter Horváth)

Published: 2017-10-15