Pavel Maškarinec: Determinants of Women’s Descriptive Representation on the City Boards of the Czech Statutory Cities after the Local Elections of 2014

Nasim Basiri: Defining the Role of Women in the Future of Political Leadership in the Middle East

Aaron T. Walter: Institutional partisanship

Luis da Vinha: Selling the Arc of Crisis: Promoting Foreign Policy Change during the Carter Presidency

Roman S. Czarny: U.S. and the Arctic in the Last Two Decades


Rybář, M. - Spáč, P. - Voda, P.: Prezidentské voľby na Slovensku v roku 2014 (Lukáš Cíbik)

Macháček, Ladislav: Sociológia mládeže (Denisa Karabová)

Published: 2016-04-15