About Issue 1/2018


Ismo Björn, Pirjo Pöllänen, Jarmo Saarti: “We Have Decided to Guarantee the Continuity of the Universities Long-Time Funding”: The Political Rhetoric of the Ministers of Education and the Reform of University Funding During 2005—2015 In Finland

Jarosław Jańczak: The European Council and EU boundaries. (In)formal competences, institutional position and external activities in the context of (de)bordering processes at the time of the immigration crises

Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang: The U.S.-Asean Relations: an Overview

Tomáš Nikodym, Petra Holeňová, Tereza Pušová: Czechoslovak intellectual environment after the second world war

Ľuboš Blaha: Theories of Private Property: Ownership and Social Justice


Duleba, Alexander et al.: Borders and Crossborder Cooperation. Introduction to Border Studies. (Ivana Butoracová Šindleryová)

Dobiašová, Soňa: Idea v Hegelovej politickej filozofii (Idea in Hegel's Political Philosophy) (Jakub Bardovič)

Retracted article

Yevhen Kutsenko: Practices of Manipulation Techniques in 2012 Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

Published: 2018-04-15