János Kádár as an Economic Reformist And Gustáv Husák As An Antireformist

  • Zsolt Horbulák Faculty of Social and Economic Relations, University of Alexander Dubček in Trenčín
Keywords: Gustáv Husák, János Kádár, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, economic reforms


This paper deals with both political and economic history. The main task was to try to compare the attitude of Gustáv Husák and János Kádár about economic reforms in their own countries. The comparison was based on their lives, interests and personalities. Historical evaluation and biographical material was also used. Taking into account that the political circumstances were very similar, the root of the differences between the acts of these politicians had to be the result of individual factors. However, it cannot be denied that the difference between the development of Czechoslovakia and Hungary also played a significant role.

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