The EU Integration Discourse in the Energy Relations with Russia

  • Lukáš Tichý Metropolitan University Prague and Institute of International Relations Prague in the Czech Republic
Keywords: European Union, Russian Federation, integration discourse, critical constructivism, discourse analysis, energy


The energy issue is a long-term one of the most discussed, controversial topics in relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation. The intention of the present article is an attempt to overcome the largely non-discursive and in the security conditions anchored way of looking at the energy interaction of the EU and the RF and through an integration discourse to analyze EU energy relations with Russia in the years 2004 - 2014. In the theoretical level, the article is based on a critical constructivism, which in relation to the discourse as the main concept reflects a number of fundamental knowledge. At the methodological level, the article is based on the discourse analysis as a basic methodological tool through which the author examines the EU text documents.

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