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About Issue 2/2019


Petra Měšťánková: Party Responsiveness and Governmental Responsibility: The Conflicting Roles of Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party Between 2008 and 2011

Anna Mravcová: Environmental Awareness and Environmental Citizenship Dimension

Martin Vernarský: Current Stateʼs Attitude Towards Municipal Self-Government in Slovakia

David Ramiro Troitiño, Tanel Kerikmäe, Ondrej Hamuľák: The League of Nations: Legal, Political and Social Impact on Estonia


Štefančík, R. (2019). Christlich – demokratische Parteien in der Slowakei. Eine neue Perspektive. (Christian democratic Parties in Slovakia. The New Perspective). (Ján Machyniak)

Roberts-Miller, P. (2017). Demagoguery and Democracy (Demagógia a demokracia). (Klaudia Lencsésová)

Published: 2019-10-15