Copyright Notice

Article I

Subject-Matter of the Agreement

The subject-matter of this Agreement is:

  • creation of a work for the Publisher in accordance with the Publisher's instructions and assignment, and its delivery to the Publisher in the form specified by the Publisher (electronic/paper);
  • granting of consent to the use of the delivered work within the extent stipulated herein.
  • "Work" for the purposes of this Agreement means the original text of the Author, including any pictures and other annexes, aimed for publishing in the scientific journal Slovak Journal of Political Sciences, published by the Publisher.

Article II

Rights and Obligations of the Parties

  1. The Author shall grant to the Publisher a licence - consent to the use of the Work, especially to the making of copies of the Work, incorporation of the Work into a collective work, public dissemination of copies of the Work in the printed version of the journal Slovak Journal of Political Sciences or in its electronic version made available mainly on the Publisher's website or through other electronic databases, and to linguistic and stylistic editing of the Work and its translation. The licence is granted without any restrictions concerning time or territorial reach with regard to the number of uses and issued copies of the Work.
  2. The Author has created the Work exclusively for the Publisher, and only the Publisher is authorised to use the Work under this Agreement. The Author shall not publish the Work or any of its parts in other periodical or non-periodical publications without the Publisher's consent. The Author declares that he/she did not provide the Work, prior to the signing of this Agreement, to any third party for the purpose of publishing, and that he/she has not published it on his/her own.
  3. The Author explicitly declares that he/she has created the Work as an original, that he/she is its sole author or co-author authorised by the other co-authors to sign this Agreement and to grant the rights stipulated herein, and that his/her rights related to the Work have not been restricted, in law or in fact, in any manner whatsoever. The Author also declares that the Work created by him/her is legally indisputable, and that the possible use of quotations in the Work complies with Art. 37 of Act No. 185/2015 Coll. Copyright Act and with generally recognised rules for the use of quotations. In the case of doubts or if claims are raised by third parties, the Author shall provide the Publisher with all concurrence free of charge and without undue delay in order to settle the claims by third parties and to eliminate any such doubts.
  4. In the case of editing and processing of the Work (technical and graphical modifications, proofreading of the Work, translation of the Work or of its parts), the Publisher shall comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act, and shall not, in particular, modify and use the Work in a way reducing its value.
  5. The Publisher is not obliged to use and publish the Work, and can publish it in an issue of the Slovak Journal of Political Sciences other than the originally planned and notified one, and in line with its editorial needs, and the Author agrees with such procedure. In the case of non-publishing of the Work, the Author shall not be entitled to remuneration for its creation and delivery and for the granting of the licence.
  6. In case the Publisher publishes the Work in the Slovak Journal of Political Sciences, the Author and the Publisher agree that the creation and delivery of the Work and the granting of the licence is exercised without remuneration, i.e. the Author has no right to ask a payment for publishing his / her Work.
  7. The Author agrees that the Publisher has the right to grant another consent to the use of the Work (sub-licence) within the extent of the licence to any third party (especially to publishers of other journals), always in a manner so as to prevent damage to the reputation of the Author of the Work and while respecting the Author's personal rights.

Article III

Personal Data Processing

  1. Pursuant to the Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Personal Data Protection as Amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Act on Personal Data Protection"), the Author hereby gives consent to the Publisher to the processing of his/her personal data provided in this Licence Agreement or afterwards for the purpose of its publishing in the journal in connection with the Work (title, name, surname, workplace), keeping records of the Publishers publications, and ensuring other internal needs of the Publisher.
  2. The Author hereby confirms that he/she has been instructed about his/her rights under the Act on Personal Data Protection, especially about the right to be informed about the state of processing of his/her personal data, and about the fact that the provision of personal data is voluntary, and confirms that such consent has been granted for the term of this Agreement and during ten years after its termination, and such consent can be revoked only in the case of unauthorised use of his/her personal data.

Article IV

Final Provisions

  1. Unless otherwise expressly provided, the relations between the Parties shall be governed by the Copyright Act and by the Civil Code as Amended.
  2. This Agreement shall come into force by expressing consent to its content by both Parts. The Author expresses his / her consent with the Agreement by clicking on the particular link.
  3. The Parties hereto declare that they have understood the provisions hereof, that this Agreement expresses their free act and deed, and as a proof thereof they have signed this Agreement.