Ryszard Czarny: Geopolitics of the High North and its Consequences

Karolína Musilová, Jan Heřmánek: Factors of Voluntary Mergers of Municipalities: A Case Study of the Czech Republic

Radosław Marzęcki: The “drifting Generation” without a Helmsman. Main Obstacles in shaping the Relation between the Political Parties

Martin Kryšpín Vimmr: Political Representation of Ethnic Minorities at Local Level: Factors, Context and Empirical Examples


Rosůlek, Přemysl: Political Secessionism & Ethical Theories: Allen Buchanan and his Critics. (Jaroslav Fabok)

Boys, James D.: Clinton´s Grand Strategy: US Foreign Policy in a Post - Cold War World (Aaron T. Walter)

Published: 2015-10-15