• Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 17 No 3, 4 (2017)


    Mikucka-Wójtowicz, Dominika: Two Dogs Fight and a Third Grabs the Bone. Reasons for the Electoral Success of Unexpected Candidates – the Croatian Political Scene after the Last Two Parliamentary Election Cycles (2015–2016)

    Filipec, Ondřej: (In)efficiency of EU Common Foreign and Security Policy: Ukraine, Brexit, Trump and beyond

    Unikaitė-Jakuntavičienė, Ingrida – Matulkaitė, Rita: The Ukraine Crisis Reflections in the Speeches of USA and Russian Political Leaders

    Rusnáková, Soňa: Russian New Art of Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine


    Gbúrová, Marcela: Slavdom in Europe, Europe in Slavdom. A Vision of The “Modernization of Slavs by Štefan Launer. (Peter Horváth)

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 17 No 2 (2017)


    Lea Prijon: Slovenian Communist Legacy: After 25 Years of Independence of Slovenian Nation

    Aaron T. Walter: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Populism: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Slovakia

    Tomáš Čižik: Baltic States - How to React to “New Warfare” in the Context of the Article V?

    Ekaterina R. Rashkova: Constitutionalizing Power: How Do Rules Legitimize the Executive?

    Salome Dundua - Tamar Karaia - Zviad Abashidze: National narration and Politics of Memory in post-socialist Georgia


    Bočáková, Oľga – Kubíčková, Darina – Vavruš, Martin: Sociálna politika vo volebných programoch vybraných politických strán na Slovensku (Tomáš Habánik)

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 17 No 1 (2017)


    Pavel Maškarinec: The Czech Pirate Party in the 2010 and 2013 Parliamentary Elections and the 2014 European Parliament Elections: Spatial Analysis of Voter Support 

    Viera Žúborová – Ingrid Borarosová: The Myth of the Angry Voters: Parliamentary Election in Slovak Republic

    Liudas Mažylis – Ingrida Unikaitė-Jakuntavičienė – Romualdas Povilaitis: Specifics of Communication in Lithuanian Voting Campaigns, 2012-2016

    Ivana Miková: Causes of Regionalism. How ASEAN-China FTA Fits the (New) Wave of Regionalism? 

    Umar Dantani – Peter Nungshak Wika – Abdullahi, Muhammad Maigari: The Politics of Security Deployment of Security Operatives to Jos Metropolis, Plateau State, Nigeria 2001-2014 


    Mihálik, Jaroslav: Political legacy and youth civic engagement in Slovakia. (Lenka Čurillová)

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 16 No 4 (2016)


    Jaroslav Mihálik: When electoral Paradigm meets the research Implications: The Youth Perspective

    Jakub Charvát: Temptation of the “Powerful”: The politics of electoral reform in Central Europe in post-transitional period

    Pavel Maškarinec: Strategic voting in the 2011 and 2015 Polish Senate elections: Testing Duvergerʼs Law in the second-order elections

    Miroslav Řádek: Voting Behavior in Parliamentary Elections in Slovakia

    Ljiljana Aulić, Zoran Kalinić: Institutional Design in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 16 No 3 (2016)


    Lukáš Cibík: Implicit persuasion of voters in the 2012 Slovak republic parliamentary elections

    Alena Klvaňová: Institutionalization of the Czech and Slovenian party system

    Beata Słobodzian: Polish electoral system to self local government – changes and effects

    Ladislav Kruliš: Mass media image of selected instruments of economic develepment

    Paweł Kuca, Rafał Polak: Regional government in Poland as a bodz shaping informational policy

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 16 No 2 (2016)


    Pavel Maškarinec: Determinants of Women’s Descriptive Representation on the City Boards of the Czech Statutory Cities after the Local Elections of 2014

    Nasim Basiri: Defining the Role of Women in the Future of Political Leadership in the Middle East

    Aaron T. Walter: Institutional partisanship

    Luis da Vinha: Selling the Arc of Crisis: Promoting Foreign Policy Change during the Carter Presidency

    Roman S. Czarny: U.S. and the Arctic in the Last Two Decades

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 16 No 1 (2016)


    Zsolt Horbulák: János Kádár as an Economic Reformist And Gustáv Husák As An Antireformist

    Hang Thuy Thi Nguyen: A Historical Review of the Nixon Administration and European Political Cooperation

    Jozef Kraus: The Concept of State Terrorism in Relation to Iran

    Lukáš Tichý: The EU Integration Discourse in the Energy Relations with Russia

    Peter Juza: Political Science of Modern Kazakhstan – Notices to Development of Kazakhstan Political Thinking

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 15 No 4 (2015)


    Ryszard Czarny: Geopolitics of the High North and its Consequences

    Karolína Musilová, Jan Heřmánek: Factors of Voluntary Mergers of Municipalities: A Case Study of the Czech Republic

    Radosław Marzęcki: The “drifting Generation” without a Helmsman. Main Obstacles in shaping the Relation between the Political Parties

    Martin Kryšpín Vimmr: Political Representation of Ethnic Minorities at Local Level: Factors, Context and Empirical Examples

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 15 No 3 (2015)


    Jaroslav Mihalik: Political Leadership and Democratic Governance from the Perspective of Slovak Youth

    Aaron T. Walter: Foreign Policy: Public Opinion and Political Legacy

    Scott Nicholas Romaniuk - Stewart Tristan Webb: Extraordinary Measures: Drone Warfare, Securitization, and the “War on Terror”

    Ireneusz Kraś: Monetary policy change of the Central bank of Poland

  • Slovak Journal of Political Sciences
    Vol 15 No 2 (2015)


    Peter Horváth, Karol Šebík: Voting behavior and municipal elections 2014 in Slovakia

    Patricia Kaplánová, Uroš Pinterič: Political dimension of European constitutionalism

    Egon Prijon, Lea Prijon: Slovenia from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy until nowadays: A brief historical overview

    Lucie Chládková, Miroslav Mareš: The Flag Bearer of Slovenian Nationalism Knocked Out? The Rise and Fall of the Slovenian National Party

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